• Pilot Application



We are looking for an experienced Dispatcher and a good team member, who will work in 
SunExpress Antalya Headquarter.

  • Has a Turkish DGCA valid dispatcher license in accordance to SHY-UHU.
  • The applicant shall meet the medical requirements for shift work.
  • A minimum age of 23.
  • Able to communicate written and oral in a range of subjects related to English.
  • Able to read and understand all NOTAMs, Weather Reports, manuals including Route Manuals and work with flight planning software (LIDO, Jeppesen etc.).
  • Able to work under stress and well-established networking and team working skills during normal operations and irregularities.
  • Has the ability to set priority, manage workload and make efficient decisions regarding company regulation and CAA.
  • Has completed Military Service.
  • Able to use MS Office applications.

Job Description

  • Prepare flight plans with information including maximum allowable takeoff and landing weights, weather reports, field conditions, METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs, RAIM check, PIREPs, and MEL/CDL items which is received from Line Maintenance or in any technical report and other Company Manuals/international rules and procedures and information required for the safe completion of the flight.
  • Partial shares joint responsibility with the pilot in command for the safety/security and operational control of the flight. Operations Control Officer (OCO) supports and briefs PIC when necessary for the risk tolerability concerning the safe conduct of each flight.
  • Perform flight watch from departure to destination till terminate of flight. Follow departure and arrival messages or check related ATCs and apply Emergency Response and Action Plan procedure in case.
  • Note: Long-haul and/or ETOPS flight’s experience is preferable for ETOPS desk.