• Pilot Application

Excellent Harmony of Turkish and German Cultures

  •  Strong shareholder structure, equal partnership between two aviation leaders
  •  Substantial knowledge of German and Turkish aviation, excellent example of a European airline
  •  Highest standards in the field of safety, service, maintenance and training
  •  Successful business model, planned investments, healthy growth
  •  Competent and multicultural employees

Our Recruitment Processes

We would like to introduce you to our recruitment processes consisting of three main parts. Candidates who have applied to our company, are evaluated by the field for which they have applied, according to the processes specified below:


Dear Pilot Candidate, Our cockpit recruitment process consists of following six steps ...

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Dear Cabin Attendant Candidates, Our recruitment process consists of following five steps ...

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Dear Candidate, Our recruitment process for Ground Personnel consists of following four steps ...

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Internship at SunExpress

It is said that the future belongs to the younger generation. For this reason, student internships are very important to us. All year long we accept many students. Our student trainees are required to have mandatory internship programs at the schools they attend.

Some Important Interview Tips

Dear Candidate,

We would like to share some important tips about our interviews with you:

  •  We want to see your natural self. The more natural you are, the more this will help you.
  •  We expect you to wear business attire.
  •  Please do not forget to smile.
  •  Try to learn something about SunExpress prior to the coming to the interview.
  •  Do not forget to do some research regarding the position for which you are applying. Doing some thorough research will help you a great deal.
  •  English is very important to us, so be prepared to speak in conversational English.
  •  During the interview, you may sometimes be asked challenging, perhaps agitating or seemingly irrelevant questions by our team which you may not understand at first. This is done to facilitate their getting to know you better  We advise you to bear in mind that this is all part of the interview process and to remain calm.
  •  If you believe you are being asked a personal question to upset you, you always have the right to refuse to answer.