• Pilot Application

Compliance Monitoring Engineer


SunExpress seeks an experienced, talented, passionate Compliance Monitoring Engineer and excellent team member who will work in SunExpress Antalya Headquarter.
  • Good knowledge in English.
  • Auditor training, preferably taken formal training of AIR-OPS 1, PART M, PART 145, ISO 9001-Quality, ISO 10002, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SAFA and with such applicable standards (accepted by authority).
  • University degree [graduated from Aircraft/Aeronautical, Mechanical Engineer or Aircraft technician].
  • Ability to use the computer, e.g. MS Office applications.
  • Discreet / reticent and have confidence and reliance in the audit process.
  • Teamwork ability / cooperation.
  • Strong communication and strong discussion.
  • Optimistic thinking capability and strong also during critical situations.
  • Ability to set priorities for effective the management.
  • willing to learning and ownership, being target oriented.
  • ability to lead conversation (attentiveness, cooperation, behaviour during debate, diplomacy).
  • ability to handle own behaviour in difficult situations (calmness during conflicts, ability to cope with conflict situations keeping respectful).
  • persuasiveness/power to assert (pursuit of aim, control of aim, motivation, ability to bring through own ideas, creativity). 

Job Description

  • To perform internal and external audits as an authorized auditor, monitoring of corrective and preventive actions.
  • Supporting the Compliance Monitoring Management System.
  • Evaluation and adoption of national and international regulations into company processes.
  • Preparation and review procedures, supporting the procedure publication web portal and review of company manual to compatible of national and international regulations and SunExpress commitments, quality assurance program, and safety-security requirements.
  • Support for recording, filing and if applicable, distribution of the incoming/outgoing CM documents as well as making the general correspondence (e.g.; DGCA, TÖSHİD, etc.)