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Powerplant Engineer


We are looking for an experienced Powerplant Engineer and a good team member who will work in SunExpress Antalya Technical Offices

· Aeronautical Engineering University Degree.

· Freeofthemilitary service obligationfor male candidates

· Minimum 2-3 years Experience in Powerplant Engineering will be a preference reason.

· Good level of English language proficiency at writing, reading and speaking.

· Basic computer software usage capabilities.

· High communication skills and ability to work as a team member.

Job Description


· Aircraft and Engine Airworthiness Directives (AD) and Service Bulletins (SB) evaluation and application for related ATA Chapters.

· Follow-up of Engine and APU life-limited parts status of the aircraft fleet.

· Engine and APU performance analysis and preparation of corrective actions and plans using Engine Condition Monitoring Programs.

· Engine and APU shop visit management;

o Planning engine shop visit schedule for scheduled or unscheduled engine removals

o Engine data package preparation for engine shop before engine induction

o Workscope preparation and decision of preliminary work scope with engine shop

o On-site representation during engine disassembly, scrap review, and engine test

o Engine records and invoice analysis after the shop visits are completed.

· Analysis of the engine maintenance and performance data and provide technical evaluation and feedback to support fleet technical reliability.

· Engineering support for line maintenance operations.