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Crew Resource Planning Assistant Specialist / Crew Controller


We are looking for Crew Resource Planning Assistant Specialist / Crew Controller who will work in Antalya SunExpress Plaza.

  • Completing a university degree of minimum two years,
  • Good knowledge of English,
  • Able to use MS Office applications,
  • Preferable of experience in aviation,
  • Strong management and communication skills,
  • Analytic thinking capability, even during critical situations,
  • High learning capability, quick adaptation to changes,
  • Leadership and crisis management ability,
  • Open-mindedness and flexibility,
  • Being target oriented, ability to set priorities for effective time management,
  • High level of cost awareness,
  • Being confidential,
  • Teamwork skills,
  • Flexible working hours (Shift Rotation for Crew Controller).

Job Description


  • Handling the daily crew operation for 72 hours in accordance with SHT-FTL regulations  and company procedures,
  • Updating crew plans according to changes in the flight schedule, flight delays, additional flights, cancellations, irregularities, crew excuses, etc.
  • Providing reserve/stand-by crews during daily operation when required,
  • İnforming delays caused by operational reasons to the crew members,
  • Monitoring daily crew operation to identify potential problems, take precautions in case of needs,
  • Making deadhead bookings and updates of operational flight duties,
  • Making hotel reservations and updates of operational flight duties,
  • Organization of crew transportation during daily operation,
  • Analysing and answering additional flight requests,
  • Preparing monthly crew rosters and making crew assignments in accordance with regulations and company procedures.