• Pilot Application



We are looking for an experienced GOCC Supervisor a good team member, who will work in SunExpress Antalya Headquarter.

 Our requirements for this position;

  • Good knowledge of English written and verbally (a second foreign language is preferable) 
  • Minimum High School Graduate, preferably university graduate,
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in civil aviation industry, related fields,
  • Full familiarity with Ramp & aircraft operational procedures and Passenger servicing procedures,
  • Ability to use computers, e.g. MS Office applications 6. Strong and cost minded organization as well as communication skills,
  • Quick learning ability, open-mindedness, 
  • Flexibility and medical compliance with shift work, 
  • Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks,
  • Optimistic thinking ability, even during critical situations and crisis management ability,
  • Being confidential and having teamwork skills,
  • Good reporting skills.

Job Description

GOCC Supervisor responsibilities will be; 

  • Managing the part of the irregularity related to passenger protection, in accordance with procedures with a cost minded mentality and in coordination with related parties in shift work pattern,
  • Preparing the report concerning the actions he/ she has taken and expected costs,
  • Communicating his/her concerns over any matter of safety and security to superior position and/or concerned units within the company (Safety Department, Security Department, Compliance Monitoring),
  • Communication with service providers, tour operators and internal units, 
  • Instructing handling companies to provide welfare services (refreshment, hotel accomodation, etc.) and ground transportation in accordance with applicable regulations, 
  • Following up to ensure all instructions given are fuflfilled appropriately by concerned parties,
  • Performing additional duties delegated by her/his superiors during her/his shift within the scope of Coordination Center Supervisor title.