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Working at SunExpress

SunExpress employees benefit from working in the multicultural environment of our company, which provides important career enhancing opportunities. Approximately 4200 employees from 36 different countries work at SunExpress. English, the language of aviation, is used actively throughout the company. Meetings and correspondence are done in English. Our open offices reflect the open communication and clear, transparent management style of our company. As the Human Resources Department, we believe that the success of our company is in direct proportion to the quality of our employees. The level of education at our company is high and the primary aim of the Human Resources’ policies and strategies, based on employee satisfaction, is to attract personnel who are open to change and development, who are willing to adopt the company culture and thereby enable SunExpress to attain its goals successfully. Our company, rich in both Turkish and German aviation knowledge and culture, offers a wide range of career opportunities to employees. Our career fields are gathered under four main groups:

  •  Cockpit
  •  Cabin Services
  •  Line Maintenance & Technical
  •  Ground Employment

Most of our ground employment positions are located at the company’s headquarters in Antalya, but employment opportunities also exist at our regional bases in Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara. Employment openings at these bases are announced at varying intervals. Please check our web site and our social media channels regularly for these announcements.

We wish you much success in your career path.

SunExpress Human Resources