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Recruitment Process for Ground Personnel

Dear Candidate,

Our recruitment process for Ground Personnel consists of following four steps:

During the first step, submitted applications are reviewed to see if these meet the minimum requirements of the positions applied for. The requirements of the positions and the qualifications as stated in the CV’s are crosschecked and applications are referred to the relevant departments. The respective department managers review the applications of the referred candidates and submit the names of those applicants to the human resources team with whom they wish to conduct interviews.

During the second step candidates whose names have been submitted are called for interviews. Interviews may last up to one hour, depending on the qualifications required by the respective departments. Interviews are carried out with a minimum participation of two persons. These interviews are conducted in Turkish and English with our human resources specialist and the related department’s manager.

Depending on the requirements of the position, a technical interview may be conducted as a third step in the process. General ability tests, foreign language tests and/or tests which measure a candidate’s capability to process information can be used during this step.

For the fourth step our human resources team sends job offers to the successful candidates. Candidates who accept our job offers begin their employment in-processing on the agreed date.

We wish all of our candidates the best of luck.