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General Cabin Attendant Info

Does the idea of flying excite you? Is a desk-job not suitable for you? Maybe your dream career is working at SunExpress!
We have been transporting passengers to their loved ones for 28 years. Over 2000 dedicated SunExpress cabin attendants are pleased to provide service to passengers on a daily basis.
Would you like to have a dynamic job which excellently combines Turkish hospitality and flight safety? Or how about visiting different cities and countries as part of your daily duties?
If your answer is β€œyes” and if you have met the criteria listed below, we are looking forward to meeting you and to adding you to our SunExpress family.

  •  Turkish citizen with Turkish Passport
  •  Age between 20 and 35
  •   Minimum educational level - high school diploma (Turkish) or a high school equivalency certificate for candidates who studied out of country.
  •  Good command of Turkish and English (an additional language is a plus)
  •  For female candidates, height between 1.55 m – 1.80 m and an appropriate height-weight body ratio.
  •  For male candidates, height between 1.60 m – 1.85 m and an appropriate height-weight body ratio.
  •  Neat appearance and good swimming skills.

Our exam centers are in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya.
Candidates who meet the above mentioned criteria will be invited to the center closest to where they live.
Our recruitment process is as follows:
1st Day
English proficiency exam consisting of 100 questions (online). Interview in English (online). Password sent for online personality inventory.
2nd Day
Selection committee interview (1/2 hour)

Important Note: Our company does not conduct remote video interviews under any circumstances. Only your English exam will be performed in English.

We wish all of our candidates the best of luck.