• Pilot Application

Safety Maintenance Engineer


We are looking for an experienced Safety Maintenance Engineer’  and a good team member, who will work at SunExpress Headquarters Antalya.  

Safety Maintenance Engineer Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering as Aerospace/Aeronautical, Astronautical, Mechanical, Industrial or Aircraft Technician
  • At least 5 years of experience in civil aviation in terms of Part 145 and Part M,
  • Ability to use computer, e.g. MS Office Applications,
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Familiarization with above referenced related regulations and with such applicable standards,
  • Formal Part 145 Training,
  • Formal Part M Training,
  • Internal Safety Management System Training,
  • Internal Risk Management Training,
  • Internal Accident/Incident Investigation Training.


  • Ability to communicate at all levels, both inside and outside the company;
  • Strong discussion skills and analysis/synthesis capabilities;
  • High learning capability;
  • Quick adaptation to changes;
  • Being target oriented, ability to set priorities for effective time management;
  • Analytic thinking capability, also during critical situations;
  • Being confidential and open-minded;
  • High responsibility and stress resistance;
  • Organizational and team work ability and open to collaboration.

    Job Description

    The Safety Maintenance Engineer Has Following Responsibilities:

    1. Supporting Safety Management System in terms of CAMO and Line Maintenance,
    1. Handling of Safety related organizational processes,
    1. Updating Reporting System with all collected hazards,,
    1. Following up and validation of actions taken by CAMO and Line Maintenance divisions,
    1. Preparation, update and review of safety related manuals and procedures,
    1. Participating to safety related meetings (e.g. Safety Review Board, Safety Action Group, etc.),
    1. Providing knowledge level data to meetings, publications, etc.

    Safety Maintenance Engineer is accountable to the Assistant Safety Manager for:

    • Maintaining safety process in terms of CAMO and Line Maintenance Activities,
    • Performing all duties and responsibilities outlined under “Responsibilities” and “Tasks”.