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Recruitment Process for Cabin Services

Dear Cabin Attendant Candidates,

Our recruitment process consists of following five steps:

At the first step you will take online foreign language exam. Our language exam is held in English and it consists of one hundred (100) questions. The duration of the exam is sixty (60) minutes. Each correct answer equals to one point. Exam results will be sent to your e-mail addresses within about fifteen (15) minutes. Candidates, who want to take a second foreign language exam, will be sent online exams in German, French, Italian and Russian immediately after the first exam. These exams also consist of a hundred (100) questions.

For the second step, an interview in English is conducted to test conversational skills. This interview lasts approximately fifteen minutes. Pronunciation and English speaking capability are evaluated here.

As the third step, a personality questionnaire is applied after the practical English exam. The personality questionnaire consists of 158 items; 21 emotional intelligence and 3 cognitive ability competencies are measured. Our questionnaire is based on the scores you answered about yourself. The inventory takes approximately 40 minutes to complete and may be filled online, there is no time limit for the inventory. Candidates matching the required cabin crew competencies will proceed to the next stage.

The fourth step consists of an interview which is conducted by our selection committee. The selection committee interview lasts approximately half an hour. The interview is conducted in Turkish and English. The selection committee is comprised of a human resources specialist, a manager from cabin management and a psychologist consultant. During the interview, each specialist will ask questions according to their respective professions. Results are sent out by e-mail in approximately one week.

For the fifth step, our human resources team sends job offers to the successful candidates. Candidates who accept our job offers are then included in the planned training groups.

Our examination centers are located in Antalya, Izmir, Istanbul (Anatolian side) and Ankara. Candidates who meet the required criteria are invited to the centers closest to where they live.

We wish all of our candidates the best of luck.